Leadership and Group Facilitation

  • GROUP LEADERSHIP REFRESHER- Planning, Purpose, Problem Solving

Skills for Working with Individuals or Groups

  • PROBLEM SOLVING- No advice and No quick fix
  • CONFLICT: What’s the end game?
  • USE OF SELF: What do you share and why?
  • PURPOSE- What’s in it for me? Get buy-in
  • SKILLS for ENGAGEMENT- Groups or individuals

Join, connect and learn

  • Join, connect and learn
  • 50+ Women in the Workplace: Navigate to do more than just make it through
  • Group Leaders: Share and problem solve your practice examples
  • Build your own group- Purpose, population and what you want to learn/gain Individual Coaching and Consultation
  • Troubleshooting groups you lead
  • Managing workplace relationships and dynamics
  • Problem solving: Manage and work through just about anything

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