How long does From The Inside Out Project® last?

From The Inside Out Project is an 8-week program of 90 minute weekly sessions.

Where are the sessions held?

Sessions may be held in any room that is private, whether on your property or at another location.

What resources and materials are needed?

A private room with chairs for the employees is all you need to provide. We bring everything else.

What goes on in the sessions?

Employees learn how to problem solve, resolve conflict and communicate effectively. They practice and apply skills to specific workplace issues, as they become self sufficient and empowered.

What happens when the program is finished?

Periodic meetings with hourly employees — to be determined by need — may be recommended to reinforce and practice the work.

What is the cost of From The Inside Out Project?

Fees differ based on number of employees and company needs. Please contact for complimentary consultation and quote.