Your hourly employees are talented or you wouldn’t have hired them. But staff squabbles and differences lead to problems in communication, interfering in the delivery of your product or service. When your employees cannot relate to each other, efficiency suffers and customers become unhappy. Nobody wins.

Laura MacLeod, creator of FROM THE INSIDE OUT PROJECT® has developed a program to uniquely foster self-awareness and interpersonal skills. The results are improved interactions among co-workers, supervisors and managers. When employees learn how to work out their disputes and concerns, their attitudes—toward each other AND toward customers—improve exponentially.

ConciergeTEXTFrom The Inside Out Project’s innovative approach is applicable to every business that employs hourly staff.  We customize the details of our 3-step program to your unique work situation, so teaching employees effective communication tools is as successful as it is simple. Employees begin to view themselves and each other with increased respect. New skills instill confidence as individuals problem solve and think as a team. They learn how to listen—to each other and to customers—with open ears and open ideas.  

When working relations and in-house politics are addressed, every aspect of business advances. Management and Human Resources spend less time untangling staff issues. Employees become more self-directed. Productivity and profitability of your whole operation improve… from the inside out

From The Inside Out Project is the best tool you can buy for your business.