From The Inside Out Project® is the inspiration of Laura MacLeod, licensed social worker. Laura combines two decades as a union employee with her social work and graduate level teaching skills to weave a remarkably effective technique of improving staff communication. She understands that—though management guides the thrust of a business—hourly employees are the dynamic link in the chain of any marketing strategy.

LogInTEXTWhile a union employee, Laura experienced the problems of hourly staff members from the inside out. She came to understand that the “work” component of any job was the easy part. The “people” part was the problem. Laura explored solutions during her social work training, specifically targeting employee conflicts and how to resolve them. The concepts and skills Laura created are the components of From The Inside Out Project. This innovative method uniquely and simply addresses the human interactive challenges of any workplace.

Her union employment history allows Laura to easily connect with your staff and speak their language. Employees are taught conflict resolution, problem solving and listening skills. They learn how to resolve conflicts through empathy and modeling. The results are measurable improvements in every aspect of your business.

Ms. MacLeod is also adjunct professor in graduate studies at the Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work, having graduated from Sarah Lawrence College (BA) and Hunter College School of Social Work (MSW). Laura leads training sessions for social work professionals at The Coalition for Behavioral Health and Institute for Community Living in New York City and at conferences across the country. Her experience as a professional actress has helped Laura to hone her presentation skills. She adapts her program to your workplace, customizing each project to the needs of your particular crew and environment.

Laura MacLeod’s From The Inside Out Project is the way to quickly raise employee morale and performance. Happier staff members feel better, sell better and work more efficiently. Their success is your success.