Why say THANKS!

This time of year we are all running low on energy, patience and positive attitude. Employees on all levels may be calling out due to weather conditions and illness, and those able to get to work are putting in long hours to pick up the slack. Managers: take a moment to thank those who braved the tough conditions and made it to work. This takes no time at all and goes a long way in boosting morale and getting buy in from your staff.

Don’t do this: Hurricane Sandy (New York City 2012) Large hotel sent home several hourly employees who had walked many miles to get to work and help out. These employees were told, “We don’t need you to stay. Too much overtime.” WOW. You’ve lost those employees. Don’t look to them for help ever again.

Do this: New York City (Winter 2014) Extreme cold and countless snowstorms.
High school principal wrote a letter of appreciation to all staff members with perfect attendance. Letters were placed in staff permanent file. What a th-1terrific way to acknowledge job well done. Bet that principal has a loyal following.

Remember, it takes just a moment to say Thanks! Benefits last much longer.