Q&A Video: Live from the set!

My Q&A Video Series is now in post production and premier date is coming soon! We filmed several questions and answers with David Title and his team at BLaura_Macleod_STILLS_50ravoMedia in New York City on a snowy day in late February. On hand to do makeup and hair was makeup artist  Amy Klewitz and actress Donna DelBueno provided on set coaching, styling and touch ups. Thanks to this fantastic team, the day (while exhausting!) was productive and ran smoothly.

Questions and answers cover a wide range of workplace topics: co worker conflicts, mandated training, staff-management relations, doing ‘favors’, saying/ hearing ‘Not my Job.’ Hourly employees, managers, supervisors and executives all shared real- life workplace experiences.

Tune in to my YouTube channel to see what other employees are doing in the workplace and what I have to say about it. Will keep you posted on premier date. Thanks in advance for your support!!